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Why is the FDA forcing Tobacco Companies to market to Minors?

Yes I said the FDA is forcing the tobacco companies to market their advertisements directly toward children. It may have been a long time since I was a teenager (I’m only 29 and some months, a lot of months; LOL) but I still remember how a teenager and especially a preteen thinks […]

What is Life And When Does It Begin?

The subject of abortion and stem cell research has been prominent in the news this past week because of President Obama’s Visit to Notre Dame. I believe the problem is the definition of when life begins. The Catholic Church and many people of different faiths believe life begins at conception. I’m not sure what proponents […]

Why the Government has no Constitutional right to allow Gay Marriages!

Yes, that’s what I said. The United States of America or any of its states have no Constitutional right to make any law allowing marriage between homosexuals. Before you start FLAMING me, let me explain. First we need to define marriage. I know, that’s been the problem all along. But, by my reasoning, there are […]

Will Obama Ever Quit Voting ‘Present’?

Instead of delegating to others so he can throw them under the bus if things don’t work, Obama, please stop voting present and become the “leader” that you promised you would be. Think about it, what will your legacy be? […]