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Why is the FDA forcing Tobacco Companies to market to Minors?

Yes I said the FDA is forcing the tobacco companies to market their advertisements directly toward children. It may have been a long time since I was a teenager (I’m only 29 and some months, a lot of months; LOL) but I still remember how a teenager and especially a preteen thinks […]

TeaParty Violence?

Yesterday I attended the tax-day teaparty that was organized by the Midsouth Teaparty of which I am a recent member. While standing with my sign (Obamacare is a Grave Mistake), a lady with a video camera came up to me and asked, “Where is all the violence?” I asked her what she meant. She said […]

Are you as tired of excuses as I am?


If you are in the military or a veteran then you know what the subtitle means. One of the main things drilled into your head during boot camp is there is no excuse. No matter what the reason for your screw-up, stumble or being late, there is no excuse. Why is […]

Is the Constitutionality of Healthcare just another Left wing Diversion?

What would happen if the bill passes but the provision requiring everyone to purchase health insurance is found to be unconstitutional? I’m sure the final bill will include a provision (as is included in almost all legal documents) that if any part of the document is found to be illegal or unconstitutional, only that part of the document will be null and void (or some similar legal speak .) That would mean all the rest of the bill would be in force. What would that do to the bill, whether it has a public option or not? […]

Is Healthcare Broken, or Does it Just need A Tune-up?

Yes, healthcare needs a tune-up, not a replacement or complete overhaul. Thank God, It looks like the monstrosity they are calling healthcare reform is not going to pass, but it is a shame also. If Congress had just a bit of common sense, they could ‘tune-up’ healthcare and make it affordable to everyone without bankrupting the country! […]

Cap & Trade Tax Price of Postage Stamp? Not according to Sen. Obama!

Obama said today that the Cap & Trade “Tax” would only cost about the price of a postage stamp per day. That is not what he said during his campaign. On January 17, 2008 in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, then Senator Obama stated” Under my plan of a cap and trade […]

Why the Government has no Constitutional right to allow Gay Marriages!

Yes, that’s what I said. The United States of America or any of its states have no Constitutional right to make any law allowing marriage between homosexuals. Before you start FLAMING me, let me explain. First we need to define marriage. I know, that’s been the problem all along. But, by my reasoning, there are […]

Why do Liberals & Democrats have to be so Hateful?

I was a teenager during the 60’s and thought I was a liberal and a Democrat. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a full fledged, dyed in the wool hippie. My friends called me a ‘weekend hippie’. When it came time to do my duty, I joined the Air Force. Never the less, I smoked […]

Nancy Pelosi Called us Astroturf, Let’s Prove How Wrong She Is!

Don't Shred My Constitution

Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, sank to a new low in an ABC interview on the Tax Day Tea Parties. She said the April 15th Tax Day Tea Parties were not a grass roots movement but ‘Astroturf’. This was a term reportedly first used by U.S. Representative Lloyd […]

Why are Left Wing Liberals Afraid of Tea Parties?

"The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor"; byNathaniel Currier

Left wing liberals are afraid to even acknowledge the Tax Day Tea Parties. What is the reason? Let’s look at the original ‘Tea Party’. December 16th, 1773; a group of Colonists (some dressed as Indians) boarded a ship in Boston’s harbor and dumped the cargo… […]