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Healthcare is Done; Now Watch Out for Cap and Tax.

I know the final bill hasn’t passed but I guarantee the Democrats and Obama will get something passed before the end of the month. There are enough Democrats in the House and Senate that they will pass something. They must pass it soon or their constituents might remember how much they screwed us come election […]

Cap & Trade Tax Price of Postage Stamp? Not according to Sen. Obama!

Obama said today that the Cap & Trade “Tax” would only cost about the price of a postage stamp per day. That is not what he said during his campaign. On January 17, 2008 in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, then Senator Obama stated” Under my plan of a cap and trade […]

Cap and Trade or Shell Game?

Which is it? Now I don’t claim to understand economics or high finance; heck I’m just a poor redneck country boy. But I think I might have just figured out this ‘Cap and Trade’ bull… err, I mean budget item. Let’s see; if my electric company uses dirty old coal to produce electricity, which it […]

Do You Really Want The Government To Control The Economy?

I had just finished watching the last and most anticipated speaker, Rush Limbaugh, speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Fox News network ran it uninterrupted. I was about to write a blog about it and post it when the snow storm knocked out my telephone lines, and of course my internet. Now I […]