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Why is the FDA forcing Tobacco Companies to market to Minors?

Yes I said the FDA is forcing the tobacco companies to market their advertisements directly toward children. It may have been a long time since I was a teenager (I’m only 29 and some months, a lot of months; LOL) but I still remember how a teenager and especially a preteen thinks […]

Where is all the Religious Leaders’ Outrage on Presidential Cursing?

Maybe I’m just an old prude with outdated values but I believe the President of the United States of America should be Presidential. Yes, I know the President is only human and I’m sure he says some choice words when he stumps his toe the same as I, but I don’t expect him to say […]

It’s BP’s Fault; It’s Bush’s Fault; It’s Wall Street’s Fault; It’s not My Fault!

President Obama has started sounding like a broken record. Blame it on someone else, it’s not my fault. (By the way, for those under the age of 30, a record was like a CD but made of vinyl and if it happened to become cracked or scratched, it would repeat a part of the recording […]

TeaParty Violence?

Yesterday I attended the tax-day teaparty that was organized by the Midsouth Teaparty of which I am a recent member. While standing with my sign (Obamacare is a Grave Mistake), a lady with a video camera came up to me and asked, “Where is all the violence?” I asked her what she meant. She said […]

Are you as tired of excuses as I am?


If you are in the military or a veteran then you know what the subtitle means. One of the main things drilled into your head during boot camp is there is no excuse. No matter what the reason for your screw-up, stumble or being late, there is no excuse. Why is […]

Healthcare is Done; Now Watch Out for Cap and Tax.

I know the final bill hasn’t passed but I guarantee the Democrats and Obama will get something passed before the end of the month. There are enough Democrats in the House and Senate that they will pass something. They must pass it soon or their constituents might remember how much they screwed us come election […]

Is the Constitutionality of Healthcare just another Left wing Diversion?

What would happen if the bill passes but the provision requiring everyone to purchase health insurance is found to be unconstitutional? I’m sure the final bill will include a provision (as is included in almost all legal documents) that if any part of the document is found to be illegal or unconstitutional, only that part of the document will be null and void (or some similar legal speak .) That would mean all the rest of the bill would be in force. What would that do to the bill, whether it has a public option or not? […]

An Open Letter to Our Nations Leaders

Glenn Beck received this letter and actually read the whole letter on air. This letter perfectly sums up my feelings about our government. If you believe in what this lady says as I do, then please click on the link to add your name to this letter.

I hope Mr. Beck doesn’t mind I virtually […]

Is Judge Sonia Sotomayor a Racist or just a Bigot?

I’m sick and tired of supposedly intelligent, educated people bandying the term racist haphazardly. I have listed below, the definitions of a few words from which should be helpful. In my humble opinion the term ‘racist’ would best be described by the third definition, i.e. someone who has hatred or total intolerance of a […]

What is Life And When Does It Begin?

The subject of abortion and stem cell research has been prominent in the news this past week because of President Obama’s Visit to Notre Dame. I believe the problem is the definition of when life begins. The Catholic Church and many people of different faiths believe life begins at conception. I’m not sure what proponents […]