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How Long before we can get rid of Pelosi?

Countdown To get rid of Pelosi

Click on the link above to see how long we have to wait before Queen Pelosi can be voted out of office. Now we just have to make sure it happens. Unfortunately, it’s not up to most of us, but the voters in her district… I believe it’s in […]

Illinois Bill Will Require Firearm owners to carry $1 million Insurance

If proposed HB0687 passes then gun owners in Illinois will be required to carry $1,000,000 liability insurance. Now you might say this would be a good thing except for a couple of problem… no insurance pays for intentional actions. If you pull the trigger on your gun that is intentional. If you accidentally kill someone, […]

Etrade is not racist!

Monica, you are an idiot. No, I take that back; you are just another ‘tree hugging liberal ‘victim’. These commercials are just good fun. If the baby wasn’t “black”, (I’m sorry but I don’t know any people from ‘Africa’ except The Obomanator’s pappy), then you would be bitching about no black babies in the commercials. […]

Visitor’s Corner

So you want to be an Author. […]