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Will Obama Ever Quit Voting ‘Present’?

Instead of delegating to others so he can throw them under the bus if things don’t work, Obama, please stop voting present and become the “leader” that you promised you would be. Think about it, what will your legacy be? […]

Nancy Pelosi Called us Astroturf, Let’s Prove How Wrong She Is!

Don't Shred My Constitution

Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, sank to a new low in an ABC interview on the Tax Day Tea Parties. She said the April 15th Tax Day Tea Parties were not a grass roots movement but ‘Astroturf’. This was a term reportedly first used by U.S. Representative Lloyd […]

Tea Parties Success! Now it’s Time for Action.

“The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor”; byNathaniel Currier

The Tax Day Tea Parties were a roaring success. Now what can I do to make it a reality. I noticed a deafening silence from almost all the D.C. politicians, Democrats and Republicans. What does this mean? I think it means they aren’t taking us […]

Why are Left Wing Liberals Afraid of Tea Parties?

"The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor"; byNathaniel Currier

Left wing liberals are afraid to even acknowledge the Tax Day Tea Parties. What is the reason? Let’s look at the original ‘Tea Party’. December 16th, 1773; a group of Colonists (some dressed as Indians) boarded a ship in Boston’s harbor and dumped the cargo… […]

Tax Day Tea Party, Not Just Another Protest

You haven’t heard anything about a Tax Day Tea Party? That’s not surprising; mainstream media seems to have ignored this news item. Last night I searched all the local TV stations’ web sites and the local newspaper’s web site for ‘Tax Day Tea Party’. I found lots of articles on taxes, parties, and recipes using tea and even an article about tea party etiquette, but nothing about the Tax Day Tea Parties. […]

TN Lawmaker wants to steal Powerball winnings from the poor

Knoxville State Representative Stacey Campfield (Republican) has proposed a bill to limit the amount of winnings to $600 for anyone receiving state or federal assistance. Campfield’s House Bill 8-18 would require anyone receiving welfare, food stamps, Tenncare (Tennessee’s version of Medicaid) and (who knows who else falls into this category) would have their Tennessee Lottery […]