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Has Tiger Woods proven endorsements don’t really work?

Do endorsements by athletes or famous people really improve sales? Tiger’s recent revelations may provide the proof. There is no doubt; Tiger Woods is/was one of the highest paid celebrities for his endorsements. The immediate cancelation of his endorsements should give a very good benchmark to the marketers whether endorsements still pay. I don’t really […]

Yes Virginia, There is a God!


I am 8 years old. I want to know, is there a god? My grandmother says, of course there is and his name is Jesus but my mother says she’s not so sure. My next door neighbor says there is no god. He says god is just a superstition and the universe was […]

Business as Usual Must Stop! We Don’t Need More Sausage!

An open letter to the Tea Party Movement A favorite axiom in D.C. is the process of law making is like making sausage, not very pretty. During the discussion of Senator Mary Landrieu’s $300 million bribe, one Democrat’s defending her prostitution said, “That’s just the way laws are made. It’s like making sausage, that’s the way it has always been and that’s the way it always will be.” […]