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How Can Immigration Reform Cure the Nation’s Ills?

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

Our nation was founded by immigrants and children of immigrants. We need immigrants for our nation to grow both socially and intellectually. Every immigrant I have ever met seems astounded by the things we take for granted. The Mexicans I have met […]

Now that Scott Brown Wins MA, Is Healthcare Dead? Don’t bet on it.

Yes, I’m glad Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senator seat, but don’t park the Teaparty Express bus yet. Sen. Brown will be the 41st vote to provide a filibuster to stop healthcare but that doesn’t mean it will stop Obama-Care. If you listen to any of the news you have heard of the ways to […]

Healthcare is Done; Now Watch Out for Cap and Tax.

I know the final bill hasn’t passed but I guarantee the Democrats and Obama will get something passed before the end of the month. There are enough Democrats in the House and Senate that they will pass something. They must pass it soon or their constituents might remember how much they screwed us come election […]