Is Healthcare Broken, or Does it Just need A Tune-up?

When your car isn’t running properly you take it to a mechanic. If your repair shop tells you the car needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to fix a miss in the engine, you would call him an idiot or crook and find another mechanic. America has the finest healthcare in the world but to hear Obama and the Demigods, I mean Democrats, speak; healthcare in the US is the worst healthcare system in the world. In fact, it is American research that has led the world in disease prevention and cures.

One thing they are right about; American healthcare is the most expensive and that needs to be addressed. Obama and the Demigods want to cut cost by providing less. They will regulate when you can see a doctor and for what. It is more cost effective to provide expensive procedures and medicine to a young adult than a senior citizen. Should a man who has a lump in his chest get a mammogram or an operation to remove the lump, even if the Doctor, Radiologist and Surgeon all agree the lump is probably benign? Breast cancer is very rare in men (1 in 200), so under most government run healthcare; either the procedures would be denied or postponed. Even under American healthcare today, most men who get breast cancer do not survive because it is so rare. I happen to be one who did.

I was fortunate to feel a small bump being irritated by my seat belt. Since I had Bypass surgery a few years before, I assumed it was just scar tissue from the surgery. Since I had to see my GP a couple of weeks later I mentioned it to her. She said it was probably nothing to worry about but I should get a mammogram, so I did. The Radiologist said it was very small and probably nothing to worry about. Even the surgeon said it was small, probably not cancer and it was up to me whether I wanted to have it removed. Fortunately I elected to have it removed. When I woke from surgery, I was missing my left breast. The doctors were amazed I really had cancer but said I caught it very early before it had a chance to spread. My oncologist said I had a very good chance of survival without chemotherapy but I elected again to go thru chemo just to be safe.

I was 58 years old when I found the lump. Under most government run healthcare I would have at least three strikes against me. Since breast cancer is so rare in men, I would probably not qualify for a mammogram. Even if I received a mammogram, the results would have probably precluded me from surgery. If I had been fortunate enough to have the surgery, because of my gender, the size of the tumor and my age, I would never been allowed expensive chemotherapy.

There are ways of reducing healthcare expense and giving everyone necessary care. Congress just needs to do a little diagnostics. Your mechanic needs to know what’s wrong with your car before he can fix it. Congress’s solution to fix a miss in your engine would be to replace the engine. That still wouldn’t fix the miss if the problem was a bad plug or injector and those items weren’t replaced.

First let’s look at Prescription Drugs. I am told the main expense of drugs is the cost of research. If the government puts a cap on the price of drugs, who will pay for the research? The reasons drugs are cheaper in other countries like Canada is those governments do put a cap on drug prices. So who pays for the research on their drugs? We do. The drug companies subsidize their drug cost by charging us more. We are paying for research on our drugs and everyone else’s drugs also. Why doesn’t congress pass a law that forces the drug companies to spread the research cost of a drug to everyone no matter where they are sold? If the other governments want to put a cap on the price of the drugs sold in their country, I guess they will have to make up the difference or not have access to those drugs. That would save insurance companies, people who don’t have drug coverage and Medicare/Medicaid.

Second are liability costs. I know the republicans are always spouting tort reform but there is a problem there. It’s not just tort reform, but I’m sure doctors, hospitals and other providers order many tests, medication and other procedures more for CYA than real medical needs. I’m not a lawyer but I do believe there could be some rules that would work. Look at workmen’s Compensation. All states have limits on awards and lawyer’s fees when dealing with Workmen’s Compensation. Those limits may be too harsh for malpractice but I’m sure doctors, lawyers, insurance companies and patient’s representatives could hammer out compromises that would work for everyone. There could always be exceptions in the law for extreme cases.

And then there is Fraud. Of course the government can’t clean up crime in their own house so I doubt they can save much money there unless the hire a private security company.

If Congress would implement these simple proposals, healthcare would be much more affordable. Insurance could be cheaper more people could pay for their own healthcare. For those people with preexisting conditions, they could be handled the same way some state do with auto insurance. All the health insurance companies could be forced to join a pool and a lottery set up to assign these individuals insurance coverage at an affordable rate.

Finally, the few remaining qualified uninsured people could receive government assist to purchase catastrophic healthcare insurance. No one should be denied healthcare for serious disease or injury but that doesn’t mean they need to go to the doctor or hospital for every sniffle. Unfortunately, if something is free, or prepaid, it is human nature to use it to the fullest. For this reason, there has to be some cost incurred by the consumer.

When I was growing up we had no insurance. When my father finally started working where he could get insurance, it was what they called Major Medical. What that meant was if you had a serious injury or illness, it would pay for at least part of the doctor and hospital bill. We still owed some money, but the bill did not bankrupt us. Ordinary doctor visits were not covered so we went when necessary only. I took a lot of castor oil back then and I survived. But when I had a serious illness or injury, I did go to the doctor or hospital. Now everyone runs to the doctor for a hangnail because it’s covered by insurance.

Yes, healthcare needs a tune-up, not a replacement or complete overhaul. Thank God, It looks like the monstrosity they are calling healthcare reform is not going to pass, but it is a shame also. If Congress had just a bit of common sense, they could ‘tune-up’ healthcare and make it affordable to everyone without bankrupting the country!

Post Script:

After publishing this article I have received a lot of criticism that waiting times in countries with government healthcare was myths so I have included this video excerpt for ABC’s 2020 show.

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