Healthcare, $1.2 Trillion, Senator’s Vote, $100,000,000, Honest Politician…Priceless.

Will $100 million become the standard to purchase a Senator’s vote? Senator Mary Landrieu hasn’t said she would vote for the healthcare bill yet, so will she yield to the temptation of $100,000,000 bribe to her state (LA)? Reid slipped a one time, $100 million grant to certain states that have had major disasters which, with some complicated wording includes only one state… Louisiana. Reid met with all of the Democrats who were sitting on the fence about healthcare, before he released the bill to the public. Because of this, I’m sure she already knows what’s in the bill and how she is going to vote.
If The Politicians believe in a bill, why do they have to be bribed into voting for it? If you don’t believe in a bill, aren’t you being dishonest to your constituents and the country by voting for it? I’m not blaming Democrats alone for this behavior. All Politicians (Republicans and Democrats) are guilty for this same dishonest way of doing business. I’ve heard it called making sausage but it sounds more like corruption to me. Bribery, blackmail, trading votes or favors; It seems like this is not the way laws should be made.
A proposed law should be able to succeed or fail on its own merits. Whether you’re for or against healthcare reform, will this bill actually be beneficial? If this bill is so good; why did Obama and the DNC have to threaten to cut off funding to any Democrat voting against their healthcare bill? Why are Obama, Reid, and Pelosi pushing so hard to get this bill voted on late Saturday night when it will get little news coverage and all the Senators are waiting to go home for Thanksgiving Holiday?

Although the bill has been posted on the web, it is so large and complicated that no one will be able to decipher all of it before it is put up for a vote. Of course, the Democrats are saying this is just a vote to get it to the floor for discussion. This is true, however, after this bill goes to the floor it cannot be amended without 60 votes. This means Republicans and Independents have no chance of changing anything. Also, once this bill goes to the floor and is discussed, it only takes 51 votes to get it to reconciliation with the House bill. Once it is reconciled with the House Bill, it only takes 51 votes to pass. This means a Senator up for reelection can say, “I only voted to get it to the floor for discussion but when it came down to the final vote I voted against it.” Like one Senator said, “I voted for it before I voted against it.” Don’t let them get away with that scam again.If this bill is so good and will save so much money, why are they waiting until 2014 for the bill to take effect? Could the reason be that the next two House and Senate elections, and of course the next Presidential election will be over then? Are they afraid if they implement the bill before the elections, the people may realize how bad they have been screwed and vote them out? You can be the judge of that.

They tell us it must be passed now because people are dying without healthcare. What about all the people who will die between now and 2014 without healthcare? If there is so much fraud and waste to be saved from Medicare, why haven’t they been able to save this money before now?
How many times has a car salesman said you must buy right now to get this great deal? I don’t know about you but that’s when I start to walk away. I think it’s time for the Senate to walk away from this ‘Great Deal’.

Call, Fax and/or email you Senators and tell them don’t vote for this bill to go to the floor. Everyone needs healthcare, but we need to get it right. If we can wait until 2014 to get healthcare for everyone (or at least a few more), then we must have time to get it right.

I am just one voice. I have set up this blog site to publish the truth as I understand it. You might ‘see’ a different truth. That is why I encourage you to post your vision. I never edit other’s comments or block them. I want to hear your thoughts and reasoning. The real strength of our great country is the ability for everyone to voice their opinion no matter their position. The only contributions I have requested so far is your word but now I ask for your help. If you would like to join me in starting a P.A.C to help replace these career politicians who refuse to listen to their constituents; please donate a few dollars.

Let’s take our government back!

Of the People, By the People and For the People