Business as Usual Must Stop! We Don’t Need More Sausage!

An open letter to the Tea Party Movement

A favorite axiom in D.C. is the process of law making is like making sausage, not very pretty.  During the discussion of Senator Mary Landrieu’s $300 million bribe, one Democrat’s defending her prostitution said, “That’s just the way laws are made. It’s like making sausage, that’s the way it has always been and that’s the way it always will be.”  And he’s right.  That’s the way it has always been done, and unless there are major changes, that’s the way it will always be done. And I am not just talking about one party or the other.  Both parties (and even independents) use these same tactics to get their pet projects passed and have since the beginning of politics.

When someone tells me that something has always been done a certain way and I can’t change it; that just makes me more determined to prove them wrong.  When most bills are brought before the House or Senate for vote,  instead of letting the bill stand or fail on its own merits, votes are ‘bought’ by adding pork or doing an ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ agreement.  If this tactic is used by’ civilians’, as has been proven many times before, people go to jail for bribery.  Why shouldn’t the same be true for politicians?  If you do or do not believe in a bill; you should vote for or against the bill on its own merits.  If you don’t think the bill is worthy of your vote, don’t sell your vote.

So, what can we do the change the status quo?  With the advent of the Tea Party movements and the 912 Coalition, now is the time to make a change.  I have seen people in these movements who have never been involved in politics before. I’ve even seen people who have never voted in their life get involved in these movements.  In fact, until this last presidential election, I never did more than complain a little and only vote in presidential elections.   Now I try to do everything I can to make a difference. I call. Fax, and email my Reps on every issue I agree or disagree on.  Whether they listen to me is another matter.  My house Rep. is a blue dog Dem. (who I voted for) and my Senators are both Republicans (who I also voted for).  They seem to agree with me most of the time but I’m still not sure if whether or not they are listening to me.

So, again I say, what can we do to make a ‘change’ that we can believe in?  Although I think the Democrats will cram this government healthcare takeover down our gullets, we still need to keep up the calls, Faxes, emails and demonstrations.  Maybe I will be proven wrong but I don’t think so.  Just as Senator Mary Landrieu’s $300 million bribe bought her vote, Reid and Pelosi will buy enough votes to at least get the bill through even if they have to use the ‘nuclear’ option, (passed with only 51 votes).  Of course with that option, they won’t need the votes of those Senators who might be in trouble next election so they can say they voted against the final bill.  Reid, Pelosi and the Democrats already have the votes they need; the debate on the Senate Floor is just for show.

The change we can make is in next year’s election.  It doesn’t matter what party you vote for as long as the people we vote for agree to a few terms. She/he must agree to sign a document stating:

  1. They will push for an amendment to the Constitution forcing term limits for the Senate and House.  As I heard Chuck Woolery say on Huckabee’s show this weekend, “The words Career and Politician should never be spoken in the same sentence.” (If they have term limits, then maybe they will be more interested in working for the people instead of working for the special interests to get funding for reelection).
  2. Change the rules or laws to require any amendment to a bill before the House or Senate be directly related to the bill proposed and be relevant to all states not just one unless the bill only affects one or a group of states. (This would help curtail add-on ‘Pork’.  It won’t completely stop it but maybe they would have to make it more visible.)
  3. That the constitutionality of any bill be resolved before they bring it before the House or Senate. (This will save a lot of time and money.  If they have to make sure a bill is Constitutional, then the average person won’t have to spend a fortune in legal fees defending against unconstitutional laws.)
  4. All bills must be readable by the average layman and if it refers to any other law, then the pertinent part of the referenced law be included in the bill for all to see. (This will allow the average person to read and understand what a bill is about before it’s too late.)
  5. To personally read every part of every bill and if you can’t understand it you will vote against it.  (This would not allow them to sneak in something the bill and then say they didn’t know it was in the bill.)

Some of you may not totally agree with all the terms and I’m sure many of you have more conditions you could add.  Whatever you would like to add; it must be bipartisan.  It has to work for everyone or it will work for no one.

The bottom line is this.  If we want to make a change, we need an agenda.  It must be bipartisan.  It must encompass the values that appeal to most prudent people.  Just complaining won’t help.  We need a set of guidelines we can give our representatives. We need to let them know, if they agree to our guidelines, we will vote them into office.  If they don’t agree to our guidelines we will vote them out of office!  I know the 912 movement has a list of value and principals which I believe in but we need more.  Politicians will do their usual and tell us they already live by these principles and values, and most of them will be lying.  We need to get rid of ‘Career Politicians’ and start fresh.  I think we could probably do better to just pick names out of the phonebook.  At least we couldn’t do much worse.


I am just one voice. I have set up this blog site to publish the truth as I understand it. You might ‘see’ a different truth. That is why I encourage you to post your vision. I never edit other’s comments or block them. I want to hear your thoughts and reasoning. The real strength of our great country is the ability for everyone to voice their opinion no matter their position. The only contributions I have requested so far is your word but now I ask for your help. If you would like to join me in starting a P.A.C to help replace these career politicians who refuse to listen to their constituents; please donate a few dollars.

Let’s take our government back!

Of the People, By the People and For the People