Healthcare is Done; Now Watch Out for Cap and Tax.

I know the final bill hasn’t passed but I guarantee the Democrats and Obama will get something passed before the end of the month.  There are enough Democrats in the House and Senate that they will pass something.  They must pass it soon or their constituents might remember how much they screwed us come election time. They know the public has a short memory and are hoping we all will forget by November, 2010.  Well, I’m not forgetting and I hope you don’t either.  About the only thing left for us to do is get rid of as many of these pompous politicians as we can in the 2010 elections.

Now they are going to try to push Cap and Tax down our throats.  I don’t know why it should but; it amazes me how the ‘lazy rich’ (the ones who have never ran a business much less built something from nothing) think the environment is more important than the working class people.  Rich politicians like the Kennedys, Nancy Pelosi and others seem to think polar bears starving are more important than starving children.  How many children of people who will lose their jobs because of cap and trade will go hungry?  How many parents will have to choose between food for their children and the rising cost of heat for their homes?  Of course they will have to sacrifice also, just like Al Gore does with his mansion, private jet and houseboat.  When a person makes millions every year, an increase of a few thousand dollars in utilities is not much of a sacrifice.

But, if we try to debate the practicality, cost and effectiveness of their ‘solutions’ to global warming, then we are just ignorant, or greedy, or hate the environment.  Have you ever heard of any other scientific theory that has been proposed as final, complete or not debatable?  Even Einstein’s theories are still being tested and questioned but if you try to question the ‘facts’ of the global warming, then there is no debate.  And by the way, have you ever heard of a scientific theory’s name being changed to make it sound more plausible?  Is the Climate of earth changing?  Yes it is and always has.  Are man’s actions effecting this change?   Probably, but by how much is debatable.  So why do the scientists and others want to stop any questioning of their global warming theories?  The reason is very simple and one of the oldest…money!  Yes these supposedly virtuous scientists are only human.  They need grants for their studies in global warming.  If the government passes Cap & Tax then they will undoubtedly get more grants and wield more power. People like Al Gore will have gotten rich investing in ‘Green’ technology.  Cap & Tax will be a windfall for people like Al Gore and GE CEO Jeff Immelt.   Yes, GE has a big stake in Cap & Trade since they purchased Enron and renamed it GE-Wind. (Yes the same Enron that put Martha Stewart in jail.)  GE has already set up organizations to handle the sales of the ‘Carbon Credits’ setup by the Cap & Tax bill.

But getting back to healthcare; why should the rich worry about screwing up healthcare?  No matter how long the lines or how much healthcare gets rationed, if you have the money, you will be first in line.  And of course, the leaders of our country must have top priority when it comes to their healthcare.  We can’t have the President or our Congressional leader suffer from cancer or other illness because of a shortage or expense of life saving drugs or treatment.

I want healthcare for everyone.  I want us to protect the environment.  If you think the Healthcare bill is anything more than a political power move then you just as gullible as the politicians think you are.  And the same goes for the Cap and Tax bill. The only thing the Cap and Tax bill will do is raise the cost of everything produced in the U.S.  That will in turn force everything that can be moved off shore to move off shore.  If you want to see what will happen, check out an article I wrote last June !” Cap & Trade Tax Price of Postage Stamp? Not according to Sen. Obama!
I am just one voice.  I have set up this blog site to publish the truth as I understand it.  You might ‘see’ a different truth.  That is why I encourage you to post your vision.  I never edit other’s comments or block them.  I want to hear your thoughts and reasoning.  The real strength of our great country is the ability for everyone to voice their opinion no matter their position.  The only contributions I have requested so far is your word but now I ask for your help.  If you would like to join me in starting a P.A.C to help replace these career politicians who refuse to listen to their constituents; please donate a few dollars.

Let’s take our government back!

Of the People, By the People and For the People