Now that Scott Brown Wins MA, Is Healthcare Dead? Don’t bet on it.

Yes, I’m glad Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senator seat, but don’t park the Teaparty Express bus yet. Sen. Brown will be the 41st vote to provide a filibuster to stop healthcare but that doesn’t mean it will stop Obama-Care. If you listen to any of the news you have heard of the ways to get around the Senate vote so I won’t dwell on the details. Basically there are three ways to force the bill through. The simplest would be to pressure enough of the House to vote on the Senate bill as is. Of course they could try to sneak the bill through before Sen. Brown is seated. The only other thing is to go ‘Nuke” and pass it through the Senate with fifty one votes with reconciliation. Of course the Liberal Left isn’t stupid, so they might come up with some other way to get it passed. There is one sure way to get a healthcare reform bill passed but it I don’t think it will ever happen; at least not while Pelosi, Reid and Obama are in office; and that is to work with the Republicans to pass something that is bipartisan.
It sound like it is virtually impossible to pass the healthcare bill but you can bet your paycheck it will happen this year. Any one voting on any of these options (except the bipartisan one) would appear to be committing political suicide. Then, why would anyone do that. Most of the pundits said it would never get this far but it did. So how did Obama/Pelosi/Reid get it this far. I know there were many back room deals but most of them aren’t worth losing your seat over, so what’s left? Are there some real (illegal) bribes we don’t know about? Who knows? Or, do Obama, Pelosi and/or Reid have the keys to the closets where the Senators and Representatives keep their skeletons? Or maybe because almost every time a Democrat is vetted for a position we find they haven’t paid their income tax; Obama is threatening them with an IRS audit if they don’t vote his way. It has to be something criminal since most of them have already blown their political career and probably their reputation too.
However he does it, whatever strong-arm tactics he uses, Obama has to get this healthcare bill passed. Even if he never gets anything else passed his entire term, or/terms he has to pass healthcare. This is his ‘legacy’, or at least that’s what he thinks. The problem is he doesn’t seem to care what’s in the bill as long as it’s called healthcare.
I don’t know which route will be taken to pass healthcare, but it will pass. The only saving grace is maybe with Senator Brown, he won’t be able to pass the Tax & Cap Bill.