Now that the Healthcare bill passed; what’s next?

joe-1To repeal a bill and override Obama’s veto would require two thirds of both the Senate and House.  Unfortunately, if all the seats in the House were replaced next election, there aren’t enough Senate seats up for grab next election to give a two third majority in the Senate.  If this bill isn’t repealed until Obama is out of office, then it will never be repealed (at least not until the inflation it and the ‘Stimulus’ creates wipes out our economy completely).  Even then they will probably be paying for aspirins with ten trillion dollar bills like some other countries.

The only thing left to do is fix this bill.

Below is an email I sent to My Senators Corker and Alexander. If this amendment passed, I believe it would be a game changer.

Amendment to Health-care Reconciliation Bill

Since there is probably no way to block this bill you need to propose an amendment to make it work better. Propose an amendment to make all provisions (taxes and benefits) to start this year, either immediately or within the next 90 days.  If this bill is so good then we need it now.  How many people will die between now and 2014 because they can’t get the treatment this bill will provide?  If this bill will create more jobs and entrepreneurs then we definitely need it now.  How can any Democrat vote against it?  Are they against giving people their ‘Government given right’ to health-care?  Will the vote against an amendment to increase job (as they have stated) to start immediately?  Of course, if this is implemented in time for the effects to be felt before the Nov. elections, then let them run on the ‘benefits’ of the HC bill they voted for.

I actually sent this email to all the Republican Senators.  Hopefully at least one of them will read it and act upon it.  What else can be done?  There are many states suing the Federal Government on the constitutionality of parts of this bill.  Unfortunately, we have a lot of liberal judges on the Supreme Court and they may refuse to even take hear the suites.  Even if they did, it’s unlikely they will rule against the complete bill.  If that happened it would just open the doors for a Public Option or maybe even a Single Payer bill.

There is one other thing that can be done.  A Constitutional Convention can be called by two thirds of the states.   The problem with a Constitutional Convention is the ability to repeal any amendment in the Constitution or even the articles of the Constitution.  That means everything would be open to change.  We could lose our rights to speech, bear arms, religion or anything else.  It would be left to your state legislature to elect or appoint the representative.    If you’re curious, here is the actual Article:

Article V

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

Just don’t give up yet.  Liberty and Freedom will prevail if we are vigilant and stand up for what we believe.  I’m sure many of you have ideas for amendments that can help this bill.   Please email or fax them to your Senator and post your ideas in the comments so we can all forward your ideas to our own Senators.