TeaParty Violence?

Yesterday I attended the tax-day teaparty that was organized by the Midsouth Teaparty of which I am a recent member.  While standing with my sign (Obamacare is a Grave Mistake), a lady with a video camera came up to me and asked, “Where is all the violence?”   I asked her what she meant.  She said she heard about all the violence and weirdoes at the teaparties and wanted to film it so she could upload it to ‘YouTube’.   She said, “All I see here are peaceful average people just like me.”   I really don’t know if she was ‘for real’ or just pulling my leg but she did seem sincere.

The closest thing to ‘violence’ was a civil discussion with a couple of ‘birthers’ that showed up.  To counter this we had some signs that stated “<- They are not with us!”  Whether you believe BHO was born in the US or not, (I happen to believe he is and doesn’t show his birth certificate just to keep the argument alive for distraction) it does no good to spout this nonsense at the Teaparty demonstrations.  That is not what the teaparty is about.  Many of the demonstrators at the teaparties actually voted for Obama.  Their core beliefs haven’t changed, Obama did.  Or should I say, President Obama is a very different politician than candidate Obama.   Even though I didn’t vote for Obama (I didn’t believe his campaign rhetoric), I had hoped I was wrong.

Because the teaparty represents a cross-section of Americans, everyone has their priorities but most can agree on some fundamentals:

  • Stop politics as usual (as Candidate Obama promised).
  • Stop the wasteful spending and get rid of the huge debt.
  • Get rid of this healthcare monstrosity and do healthcare right! (everyone wants healthcare reform so it is more affordable but this Obamacare is a joke!)
  • Get rid of the politicians that won’t listen to their Constituents!
  • Replace the politicians with ones that actually read the Constitution (and the bills before they vote) and live up to their oath to serve and protect it.

Added to the list are some things I want to see:

  • Term Limits for all politicians, (especially House and Senate)
  • A ‘Flat tax’ (I would accept the ‘Fair Tax’ but prefer a flat tax and will explain in another blog)
  • Get rid of Regulation without representation.  Make all appointments approved by the Senate.  (get rid of all the Czars and departments like the EPA unless voted on by the Senate)

You may not agree with everything the Teaparty represents but you’re not alone.   Most of us don’t agree on everything.  We just want the politicians to listen to us and pass legislation that is in the best interest of the country and not just what they think will get them re-elected and give them more power.

A slogan used by the blacks in the sixties is just as relevant today (Power to the People!)  All the Teaparty people want is to return the power to the people.

Footnote:  For my loyal readers.  I’m sorry for the long gap between post’s but I have been ill and had to have an operation.  Hopefully I will be able to get back in the groove now.  Thanks for your patience.