It’s BP’s Fault; It’s Bush’s Fault; It’s Wall Street’s Fault; It’s not My Fault!

President Obama has started sounding like a broken record.  Blame it on someone else, it’s not my fault.  (By the way, for those under the age of 30, a record was like a CD but made of vinyl and if it happened to become cracked or scratched, it would repeat a part of the recording over and over and over again.)

If you listened to his latest speech in Louisiana, he repeated over and over and over again that the Oil Spill was B.P.’s responsibility and he and the government had done everything right.  He is quick to proclaim he inherited a large deficit from Bush. (Of course he forgets to mention he has increased the deficit to an amount larger than all the deficits in the history of the U.S. combined.)  And finally, he is quick to blame Wall Street for the collapse of the economy when the real problem was with the government forcing banks to offer loans to people who could not afford the notes.

The problem is not who to blame, it is how you plan on fixing it!  As far as the Oil Spill is concerned, Obama waited over a week to involve the government other than the Coast Guard which would normally be involved anyway.  If he had gotten the federal government involved earlier, would it have made a difference?  We will probably never know.  And Obama is quick to blame B.P. but what if it wasn’t their fault?  What if some radical environmentalist planted a bomb causing the initial explosion?  He/she could have thought it would amount to a small spill and give cause to stopping off shore drilling.  It could have been sabotaged by another Oil producing country to increase the price of oil.  Or, (and I know I will get ‘Flamed’ for this) what if someone from the Whitehouse, or even the President himself ordered the sabotage to advance his agenda.  I know this should be unthinkable that a sitting President of the US could do such a thing but remember Rahm Emanuel has sent dead fish to his enemies, and he is the one who stated “”Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” And as we have already seen with the ‘Healthcare Crisis’, if you don’t have a crisis that fits your agenda, then invent one.  Now I want to be perfectly clear; I’m not accusing anyone. I am just proposing other viable perpetrators.  Another cause could have been inferior equipment provided by one of their suppliers.  B.P. was not the only company involved in this drilling rig.

As usual, Obama seems to spend more time blaming others and looking for photo ops than actually doing anything constructive.   My dad used to tell me, if the chickens are loose in the yard, it doesn’t matter who left the gate open, you still have to round them up.  Of course, I never left the gate open; it was always my sister’s fault.  (LOL)  President Obama… act presidential.  Quit the blame game and get started rounding up the chickens.

No matter who is at fault, the results are the same.   It has and will cost everyone a lot of money and many will probably lose their whole way of life.  The only real winners are the left wing environmentalist.  Now they will have a battle cry against offshore drilling forever.