Immigration Reform for Liberals and Conservatives!

Immigration Reform Compromise Everyone Should Support.

Our country was founded by and for immigrants; and unless you are a full blooded Native American Indian then at least part of your ancestors were immigrants.  Our country would have never become the great world power it is without immigrants.  Immigrants have an intrinsic quality in the fact they are willing to give up everything to follow their dream.  This is just as true for the Mexicans entering our country illegally as were the original founders leaving a repressive Europe.

We are being told there are twelve million illegal immigrants in the country and we cannot deport all of them.  That may be true but, we cannot just give amnesty and let them all stay in the country either.

If we offer blanket amnesty (or even amnesty with some kind of fines) it will work just as well as it did when President Regan granted amnesty in 1986.  (Yes, amnesty has already been tried, and by a Republican!  You can read about it here) At that time there were only five million illegal immigrants in the country!  What about fairness?  Any time I mention something not being ‘fair’; my wife reminds me that the fair only comes once a year and is held at the fairgrounds.  Seriously, it is not fair to reward the people who broke our laws and entered our country illegally while the people who are trying to enter our country legally get the shaft.

So, what can we do to satisfy everyone?  Forget it; it isn’t going to happen.  The best we can do is a compromise.  I propose we give a three month amnesty for all illegal immigrants who are not involved in criminal activity.  We will not arrest or deport any illegal immigrants in the U.S. for three months.  This will give them time to get their affairs in order and leave the country on their own.  After three months, any illegal immigrants still in the country will be considered committing a criminal act and be deported.  Furthermore, any person who has committed a criminal act in and/or against our country can never enter our country legally again.  This will only work if we also make it easier for immigrants to enter our country legally so our immigration laws will need to be reworked at the same time.

One thing I hear over and over is these poor illegal immigrants are only trying to better themselves and just doing jobs no one else wants.  Why does no one else want these jobs?  Because the employers of these jobs pay too little and provide no benefits.  Why do they pay too little and provide no benefits?  Because they can!  If these workers were legal then they could complain to the N.L.R.B., O.S.H.A. and other government agencies so the employers would have to pay fair wages and provide safe working environments.

Another argument proffered is; we could not afford our food, clothing, etc. without the cheap labor illegal immigrants provide.  Well, if you read your history; that is the exact same argument the slave owners gave for slavery.  In fact, if you think about it, illegal immigrant labor is very much like slavery.  Slaves worked long hours for almost no pay (if you consider room and board pay).  Working conditions were usually bad and there was no way they could complain.

The bottom line … no one has the perfect solution for the illegal immigration problem but we have to at least try.  Even if this solution could be enacted we would still need to secure the border to stop the drugs and thugs coming across the border.   Something needs to be done and this compromise will work.