Why is the FDA forcing Tobacco Companies to market to Minors?

Yes I said the FDA is forcing the tobacco companies to market their advertisements directly toward children. It may have been a long time since I was a teenager (I’m only 29 and some months, a lot of months; LOL) but I still remember how a teenager and especially a preteen thinks. I’m proud to state I am a 4 ½ year tobacco survivor. I started smoking cigarettes when I was thirteen and continued to smoke for another 45 years before finally giving up the nasty weed.

These ‘warning’ pictures not only aren’t going to stop children from smoking (when you’re a kid you cannot die and nothing will harm you) but it will give the kids even more reason to buy cigarettes. It just goes to show how ‘out of touch’ the Washington crowd really is. These will become like trading cards to kids. Every kid will want to have the grossest looking cigarette pack. If you don’t believe me just look at their video games, music idols and even the clothes they want to wear. Most kids want the most shocking to rebel against their parents, teachers, etc.

When I started smoking; 135 thousand doctors smoked Chesterfields; If you have a cold, smoke a Kool; A pack of ‘Old Gold’ with a pretty pair of legs danced across the stage during the ‘commercial break’ of the Ted Mack Amateur Hour; The ‘Marlboro Man’ rode off in the sunset smoking his Marlboro; and even ‘The Rolling Stones’ sang “He cannot be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke.”

I hate the tobacco companies and wish their products had been banned long before I was born, but it wasn’t and it ain’t gonna’ happen but this time I’m on their side. The Cigarette companies are fighting this ‘law’ on the grounds of free speech, but I think they would have better luck using my argument.

These are my thoughts; I would love to hear yours. I welcome your comments. Thanks ‘ and may your God bless you and the United States of America.