Why did Obama give Iran Nuclear Weapons?

You heard right. By not doing everything in his power to destroy the ‘top secret’ drone they captured he has probably started Armageddon. No, I don’t think Iran can reverse engineer the drone and build millions of them to start World war III. It’s much easier than that. Iran now has the perfect item to trade to Russia and/or China for nuclear warheads and a delivery system to not only destroy Israel but possible A large U.S. city like New York or Washington D.C.

Of course Obama supporters will probably say,” Iran will eventually build a nuclear bomb on its own so what’s the big deal?” The big deal is even if Iran had a nuclear bomb it’s doubtful they could build a missile that would hit the U.S. and we could probably stop it. But we know Russia has the ability. Also this gives our enemies advanced stealth technology to attack us or at least defend against our stealth drones, fighters and bombers.

If Obama had any experience in commanding anything other than a political campaign (and I’m not sure he even has that experience), he would be able to think on his feet and make a critical decision in time of war. Look at his record. He has never made a timely decision on anything. It took him months to agree to the surge in Afghanistan and then didn’t listen to his Generals. Even going after Bin Laden he took months to decide. It took him a month after the oil spill to go to the Gulf and ‘get angry’ at BP.

We need a decisive Commander in Chief not a ‘Campaigner in Charge’. We need to impeach Obama while we still have a free U.S.A.


Please contact your Congressman and ask him/her to start impeachment proceedings!

If something isn’t done, the predictions about 2012 just might come true!