Why is a president with one black and one white parent ‘black’ while a man with one white parent and one Hispanic a white man/’white’ Hispanic?


Why is President Obama the first black man instead of the first half black or (in quaint terms) the first ‘half breed’. Yes I understand he looks black by most people but to a true African he is very pale. Yes, there are Hispanics (mostly from South or Central America) with different shades of brown but; they are not normally called ‘white’ or ‘black’ Hispanics. I’m sure if Mr. Zimmerman (sound like he has some Hebrew in his family tree) had done some heroic deed instead of killing a black teenager; the liberal press and people like ‘Reverent’ Jessie Jackson and The ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton would be heralding the accomplishments of the wonderful minority. The reason is very clear. It would not be national news if it was just another minority killing minority story. Almost every day the news in Memphis reports on a black teenager killed by another black teenager. Occasionally you hear of a Hispanic killing another Hispanic or even a small black child being hit by a stray bullet during a drive-by. I don’t see ‘Revs’ JJ or Al coming to Memphis and marching for the poor victims. Why? There would be no national press. You might ask, “why the quotes around Reverent?” I have no use for any so-called preacher who has no congregation and only strives to make money from there ordainment (if they are truly ordained; but that’s another blog.)

Whether or not Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of some crime is above my pay grade. I am not familiar with Florida’s gun laws but I have heard they are similar to Tennessee Laws. In Tennessee, there are very concise laws regarding the use of deadly force. These laws are drilled in your head during the required course to obtain a handgun carry permit. In Tennessee you may carry concealed or visible… your choice. In fact my instructor said it is even legal to carry your gun ‘Charlie’s Angels’ style. (If you don’t know what he was talking about then you’re probably too young to carry a gun anyway.) In Tennessee you can only use deadly force if you or another person, or a reasonable person would believe they were in immediate danger of severe bodily damage or death. Once the danger is removed you no longer have the right to use deadly force. An example would be a person advances at you with a weapon; i.e. a knife or gun. You draw your gun and the other person drops his/her weapon or turns and runs away. At that moment you are no longer in danger and cannot shoot the person. Once the danger to your life has ceased, you are not allowed to use deadly force.

It is my understanding in Florida you must carry concealed. I only mention this because if Mr. Zimmerman had been carrying his weapon visibly then perhaps the teenager might not have fought with him. I did not say started the fight because I have no knowledge of how the fight actually started or who started it. Did Mr. Zimmerman yell something at the teenager (which would provoke most 17 yr. old teenagers I know) or did the teenager decide to start beating Mr. Zimmerman on his own. I do believe there has been enough information to imply that the teenager did overpower and beat Mr. Zimmerman. The real question is whether the teenager was fighting in self-defense or Mr. Zimmerman was acting in self-defense. From every indication both men were applying deadly force; one with his fists, the other with a gun.

If you are wondering why I refer to the Dead Teenager as just ‘the teenager’; it is respect for the dead boy. I know everyone has heard his name and all the news organazations have broadcast it but he is still a minor and I believe he should be respected.