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Where is all the Religious Leaders’ Outrage on Presidential Cursing?

Maybe I’m just an old prude with outdated values but I believe the President of the United States of America should be Presidential. Yes, I know the President is only human and I’m sure he says some choice words when he stumps his toe the same as I, but I don’t expect him to say […]

Yes Virginia, There is a God!


I am 8 years old. I want to know, is there a god? My grandmother says, of course there is and his name is Jesus but my mother says she’s not so sure. My next door neighbor says there is no god. He says god is just a superstition and the universe was […]

What is Life And When Does It Begin?

The subject of abortion and stem cell research has been prominent in the news this past week because of President Obama’s Visit to Notre Dame. I believe the problem is the definition of when life begins. The Catholic Church and many people of different faiths believe life begins at conception. I’m not sure what proponents […]

Why the Government has no Constitutional right to allow Gay Marriages!

Yes, that’s what I said. The United States of America or any of its states have no Constitutional right to make any law allowing marriage between homosexuals. Before you start FLAMING me, let me explain. First we need to define marriage. I know, that’s been the problem all along. But, by my reasoning, there are […]

I need a law firm to initiate a class action against Obama

Obama is forcing me to pay for research that contradicts my religious beliefs. Because I believe all human life is sacred; I refuse to pay someone to kill human embryos! I am a realist and I know there is probably no way to get the Supreme Court to ever overturn their rulings on abortion; I know I cannot stop the stem cell research, and I know “Just say no!” doesn’t always work and there is a need for birth control; but I shouldn’t be forced to pay for it any more than a doctor should be forced to perform an abortion. […]